Looking to apply for a SOCC endorsement? Below is the 2012 Election Season application information.

2012 SOCC Candidate Endorsement Application (Click Me!) 

2012 SOCC Exec Endorsement Application (Click Me!)

Please submit your responses to the following questions to by FRIDAY, MARCH 2ND at 11:59PM.  Late applications will NOT be accepted or reviewed, so please make sure to be prompt. Interviews will begin the week of March 5th.  

1) In your opinion, what do you see as the most pressing issues facing communities of color and the entire student body?

2) What activities have you already been involved in which address the issues important to communities of color?

3) How do you intend to remain aware of the issues that affect communities of color throughout the year?

4) What do you wish to accomplish in your term as a Senator? 

5) What are campaigns and ideas you would try to accomplish that address issues important to communities of color through the ASSU?

6) What are your current campus involvements? Please give a rough anticipated breakdown of hours for Spring Quarter and next year of involvements: academic vs job vs clubs vs ASSU.

7) What does diversity mean to you?


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